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This is Adira - which means "strong, noble, and powerful!". Adira came to us with 5 babies - all of which, including her, were incredibly ill due to being left out to fend for themselves in the elements outside. Her and her babies all made incredible recoveries and you would never know that they had been through so much in just their short lives... Adira is a beautiful long haired cat with stunning eyes. She is a very quiet cat who will do well in a calm home. Adira gets along very well with other cats, especially her room mate and best friend Bindi! She warms up to you with a gentle voice and some treats, and once she trusts you, she will be a perfect girl to lounge in front of the fireplace and relax with. 


As part of the adoption package, Adira is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested, dewormed, and flea treated. 

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